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Default Re: 2 Stroke Engine Product Lifespan in USA

Originally Posted by Motorbikenewb View Post
Greetings everyone.

My question has nothing to do with the engines themselves, but their future in America. I've been reading that current momentum re: EPA regulations regarding exhaust emission standards may lead to these engines not being available for sale in the future (not unlike California).

Is there any truth to this? is so, I'm thinking I should buy as many motors as I can while they are still available.

Has anyone heard anything along these lines, or am I being paranoid.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Not to say this is of no concern or that your mistaken in wondering about it, MotorBike. Didn't want you thinking your question was being dumped on. Years back, you should have seen the reaction to just this. Folks went insane. Then about a yr later, same thing but less reaction.

Now, it sorta gets a "yea, yea..." reaction. As unpredictable as things like this are, we all may wake up shocked one day. Who knows.
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