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Default Re: 2 Stroke Engine Product Lifespan in USA

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Yeah, you absolutely can not buy a 66 CC 2 stroke kit in California.

And if you ride one on the street in CA you get arrested, fined and the bike gets crushed. LOL
I hope you all realize this is sarcasm, lol!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Like Dan said. This stuff has been floating around for as long as I've been involved with motorized bicycles. Every year the EPA scare shows up here and every year it mysteriously goes away for a few months then pops up again.

To me it smacks of marketing ploys by some of the major importers. Their scare tactics are becoming a lot like the little boy who cried "wolf". I don't listen to any of it anymore.

My thoughts exactly, if we exercise our rights and just as many enthused people will support your cause against the stooges which don't understand and might want to stop motorbike engine imports. There's other options too but you gotta get creative and make motor mounts. Mopeds/motorized bicycles are encouraged where I live because they cut down on traffic congestion.
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