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Default Re: Why didn't my bike go uphill with a 66/80cc cruiser?

Originally Posted by Panama Jack View Post
Thank you to everyone! I appreciate the support on this forum.

I just rode my bike and it seems as if it is getting better. I guess patience is also key, since it is during the break in period. I now pedal to help so that did make a big difference. BUT.....

I ran into a different problem...The back wheel on my Huffy Panama Jack beach cruiser is loose. I just noticed it. I don't know if the wheel is supposed to be a little loose. Maybe the bearings are screwed up. I have no idea. I haven't taken it apart yet. Just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions?

I would appreciate any advice...Thank you.
if you are using coaster breaks ... like me ... you need to inspect your rear wheel EVERY RIDE !!!!

make shure the wheel does not wabble to mutch... with a cheap cioaster from wally world or sports athaurity ... you need to tighten up that coaster bearing till itss just tight enough to freely spin but not wable and then bolt it back on your bike . you must use 2 wrenches when tightening each nut or the axle may spin and caus the hub to loosten again !
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