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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

I rode motorcycles and motorcycle sidecar outfits for many years as my only means of transport until I was told by my doctor that with this illness I have it wasn't a good idea to be riding a motorcycle anymore.
My last bike was a Suzuki 500 twin (Ginny) which had impeccable road manners and was great to ride, but it was so darn heavy to get it up on the stand and if it had fallen over I certainly wouldn't have been able to get it upright again without some help.

My other interest is elderly English bicycles of which I have several and I love riding them, but when I'm not so well and my reserves of energy are low I can't manage to ride very far on them before I'm exhausted and have to stop. The weekend I converted my Indian made Hercules ladies bicycle into a tricycle with a 24volt 250 watt hubmotor started me on the path to a new and different form of powered bicycling of which I am now an enthusiastic fan.
I have always loved reading about the early days of motor bicycling before the First World War and often found myself wondering if somewhere along the way we'd got it all wrong with the way the modern motorcycle has developed. Generally far too heavy and far too complex and my big Suzuki was certainly a case in point despite it being nice to ride.
In many ways a motorised bicycle captures that spirit of the early days of motorcycling. The overall simplicity with what you see is very much what you get and no mountains of plastic shrouding and fairings to dig through in order to find the machine underneath it all. And yes they do make you smile which says it all really.
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