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Default Re: Why didn't my bike go uphill with a 66/80cc cruiser?

break it in on semi flat roads for around 100 miles .. then pull your top end and look at it ... inspect it ... clean up all the ports with a dremal try to port match everything as best you can... put a preformance filter on your carb ... if your up to the task grind ramps in you piston if not then dont just cleanning up the ports will help big time.

wash with soapy water coat in oil and reassemble.. run the motor on 32:1 mix and tune your carb as best you can... with a 44 t sprocket you should pull any hill....

i bet you were running a brand new motor at 16:1 right ?

check out this thread ..... top end mods to stock parts for more power....

i run only stock parts as i am verry poor ... but i am a good mechanic and have done the mods i listed in that thread ... my bike will do a wheely with a slight pull up on the bars wile twisting the throttle and it will pull any hill, i live in new england there are no flat roads lol ! my bike wieghs 60lbs and i wiegh 180 and carry 20lbs of tools and crap !!! thats 260lbs all together AT LEAST and i can still pop weelies !!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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