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Default Re: co2 cartridges vs mini air pump?

I've carried both a "frame-clip" pump (or a mini tire/shock absorber pump) and CO2s for years now (due mainly to goat-head stickers). Yet, for some reason I don't think I've ever used a CO2 while on the road or trail. My guess is that my hand pumps have always done the job both quickly and easily enough for me. I did use 1 cartridge for testing purposes when I first started carrying them, but the results weren't exactly the greatest. Yes, it worked, but the whole thing was kinda "iffy" which lead me to think it'd take a bit of luck to get 2 tire fills from just 1 cart. So, I figured 1 cart = 1 fill.

Anyway, I myself wouldn't rely solely on CO2 carts on anything but short rides.
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