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Smile Re: New kid on the block

Hufffydavidson Thanks great name! I bought a used Huffy Cranbrook for $35 off craigslist (the guy rode it from Walmart home parked it) heck it would have
cost me $45 in tires for my old bike. I did true up the rear rim it was a
little off and the chain would rub on the rear tire just a bit good to go
now. Then when I was riding it the rear tire split down the tread I called
Huffy they sent me a new tire and tube I just got it yesterday. Also I
bought a 66cc engine kit from for it $128 delivered! I had to
put the head on it they forgot the head nuts and washers? They sent them
out. And i did clean up the ports just a little as long as the head was off.Also
machined a spacer for the rear sprocket and used one rag joint seems to be
working next I will make a dust cover for the rear bearing just checking the
function of it right now. The chain tensioner I eliminated it on the motor
drive I put it on the pedal side works good like that. I drove it around
Sunday afternoon it runs out ok the sprocket is just a little out of round
good axially not bad though. I can take care of that when I do the dust
cover. Donít trust it right now just want to get some miles on it before
I venture to far with it. Also need to put the rear fender back on it
after I mod it the mounting is far to weak it could break and and get
caught in the tire same with the front fender if the front fender got caught
in the front tire would not be good if that happed at full speed. And get a
different speedometer on it the wireless unit works only with the engine
off. Do you have a speedometer on your bike if so what kind? I'm defiantly
making progress on it not to bad for a first try at this bike thing just a
few things to work out..Sorry for the long post just got a few questions.
Thanks Jerry
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