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Default Re: Motorized bicycle setup for long distance riding

Ok, at this point I have no idea what I am planning on doing. Part of me wants to just build the original bike I intended to build and maybe work on a recumbent trike later. Part of me wants to just go for it and take my time building the recumbent. All of me wants both (not going to happen ).

In all honesty, aside from the electrical aspects of your T3 BarelyAWake, I am keeping up with what you did in your build. The front end is a bit confusing, but I really wouldn't even worry about making the front end suspended. The rear looks simple enough, it's just the rear end of normal full suspension bicycle I believe. The frame looks simple as well, just a child's ATV frame, and the whole thing is welded together. I've been doing the math and while being very liberal with my budget, I think I could build a nice tadpole for under $1500 using a brand new Lifan engine even. Like I said, that is a somewhat liberal figure, and I could probably do it cheaper.

I have a 12" miter saw, I could do all the cuts myself, and in reality if I could afford a decent stick welder I could practice for a bit and I would probably be fine doing most of the welding myself.

I guess it's a big project involving a lot of things I know absolutely nothing about, but at the same time I am in no rush whatsoever. I would be perfectly happy taking 6 months to build the trike. I think right now I am just going to take my time researching a bit more. I'm probably going to purchase a couple plans from AtomicZombie over the next week or so. They are having a sale for and $36 you get 6 plans, so I will probably just go with that and get several plans that I think would be helpful (I think there are at least 3 tadpole plans). After that I will just go from there and decide what I want to do.

Thanks everyone for your input, you all have made this so much more difficult (in a good way). I will probably update this thread in a few days after I have had some more time to think this over. Thanks again!
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