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Default An introduction and a request for clarification

Hello all, I'm new here and just wanted to make the introduction rounds.
My name is Andrew as the user name suggests, I currently live in Hawaii, and I have just recently discovered the wonders on motorized bicycle conversions online. (Well, the kits and community that is, I always thought it was limited to random works of weed eaters and BMX bikes)

If it's okay I was just wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone and ask a pressing question in my intro thread. I have been doing research for the past day or so, lurking forums, and checking retail websites. At first I was blinded by low cost kits and anecdotal stories of $200 motor scooters with 150mpg ratings. Needless to say, here on the islands that would be a godsend. But then I slowed myself down and really went looking for hard facts, and I have been somewhat dismayed.

From what I have been seeing most of the info basically states if you don't throw down $800+ on your engine and kit (Sans the bike itself) you will be rebuilding the motor every 3 days and spend more time in the shop than on the road.
Now I just flat out do not have that kind of cash to spend on constant fixing of an already 'luxury' expenditure of cash into a hobby if it won't function as transportation so I was just wondering if someone could answer one question.

If I am 6'4" and just under 300lbs, and I have $450 to spend on an engine kit or the parts that would be included but purchased separately (Including shipping) bike not included in that cost, can I build a motorized bike that will not cost me that again next month just to keep it going? I need it to be able to do about 20 miles every couple of days, up and down some easy hills that I can do on a single speed no problem.

Terribly sorry if this is too big of a post, I just figured it was better than making two threads and pushing someones stuff off of the front page of a topic area. Thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to learning more from everyone here!
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