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Default Re: Opinion Poll- Is this tank too big?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Let us ask you. What do you think of it? Do you like the way it looks?
I do like the way it looks *I think*. Problem is; you know how you have a mental picture in your mind how your bike is going to look; or at least you have a "theme" like BTR, cruiser, etc? Well in my mind, I have been tracking along this line that says this bike is going to be more of a classic looking motorized bicycle. I have some parts such as full fenders, those cool WWII handlebars I just got at a swap meet, etc that will contribute to this overall classic look.

On the other hand, this Kawasaki tank, with it's elevated top surface, more lends itself to either motocross or, as you suggest, a cafe style bike (due to the hugeness of the tank).

So I'm at a crossroads in the design; do I go classic with the springer fork, full fenders, and Whizzer tank? Or do I strip off the fenders, swap out the springer for triple trees, and use this huge tank?

I just can't believe they used such a large tank on a kids bike????

Now THIS is a huge tank:

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