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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
Noticed a Pop sound and a new vibration on my bike. Found it under the seat at the rear left mounting stud. Yeah it broke flush with the case. pulled the engine got out the dremmel and cut a slot into the barely exposed stud and was able to turn it out with a screwdriver. Reassembly tonight. Man oh Man the chain crud is the filthiest most stubborn stuff to clean off your hands. i will use stubble gloves to put the driveline on tonight.
The best hand cleaner without a doubt / hands down is Dawn "the blue stuff" dish soap mixed with sugar .. yes regular house hold sugar. and live tried them all 25 years of well drilling cutting and threading galv pipe black iron . the best stuff by far is Dawn dish soap and sugar It rips right through chain grease as if it was latex pain on your hands .. special attention to the finger tips will be needed of course bit for that I use the yellow and green sponge I use the green Brillo part for the finger tips .vinyl , latex , powdered or non..surgical gloves all last ME about 3 minutes or 3 or 4 nuts being threaded in and the finger its usually get holes in them but the do keep the rest off the hands clean and they are vital for any chain for what so ever just looking at the chin can get ya dirty
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