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Default Re: Motorized bicycle setup for long distance riding

Originally Posted by Herdo View Post
Hey everyone, I've got a few questions on the setup you all would go with if you were going to embark on a long distance trip (1000 miles or more).

I'm going to lay out a template but feel free to be detailed and also add anything else you feel should get attention when planning a long trip like this.

1) Engine:

2) Transmission/Gear box:

3) Tires/Rims/Spokes:

4) Hubs/Brakes:

5) Frame:

6) Exhaust:

7) Trailer or everything strapped to the frame?

8) How would you do your riding (how long would you ride)?

1) Engine: I'd without a doubt go with a 4 stroke, most likely the HS, although splurging on a Honda 50cc might be a good idea.

2) Transmission: I would probably go with an SBP Shift Kit although I have no experience with one. While I have heard they are finicky, they do last a long time. Chain tightening and tensioning would have to be worked in to the routine probably every time you stopped for gas.

3) Tires/Rims/Spokes: As for tires I would go with a 26" although I know nothing about what makes a good tire for long distance travel. I want to say I would go with a large balloon tire like a Quick Brick which is quite wide. What sort of tires are needed for long distance travel?

4) This is where I may end up getting into trouble. I would definitely go with a 90mm front drum hub such as the Sturmey Archer X-FD. The back I think I would go with the Sturmey Archer 70mm 3 speed internal hub with drum brake. This might be a good idea or a terrible idea. I know the internal gear hubs can be somewhat fragile, but I think with 95% of the riding being at a cruising speed, it would cause very little wear. Good or bad idea?

5) Steel frame, probably a Schwinn or Roadmaster straight bar because I would want to mount a large custom tank inside the frame.

6) No idea. Is there something that would be better for longer riding?

7) I would most likely be pulling a trailer.

8) Average cruising speed of 15 mph or so (10 - 20 mph), average about 75 - 100 miles a day. If I planned a long trip like this I would really want to enjoy it so I would only be riding 5 hours a day or so pretty slowly.

How would you plan out your trip? How would you build your bike? What did I do wrong? haha
for a thousand + mile ride or more I would highly suggest a car and a trailer for your bike to ride in !
This is something I have been dreaming of doing for years.. ahh to embark on a journey would be the best ... , sleep under the stars, get rained on " my luck" listening to the howl of the coyotes in the night ...
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