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Default Re: bad luck with my beach cruiser 2 stroke

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
yeh some cheaper tires do not seat well in 1 inch wide rims, they look as if thet are too big and seem to want to pop out when filling them !

here is a neat trick to prevent flats, get a 1 inch wide role of duct tape and remove the rim strap spoke protector ... the rubber thing that goes on the inside of your rim to cover the spoke ends idk the term for it lol... and rune 2 layers of duct tape in your rim to cover the spoke ends then put the rubber protector back on over it, also put 2 layers of duct tape around the inside of your tire oposite the tread reinsert your tube and asemble your tire , fill and put back on your bike

i use gorilla tape but slime sells a tape spacificly for this pourpace... gorrila tape works fine for me lol and since i have been doing this i have never gotten a flat !!!!!!!!!!!!! i have had roofing nails go through the tread and hit the duct tape on the other side and stop short before poking the tube !!!!!!! it acts like a bullet proff vest the 2 layers of heavy tape stop most sh#t from poking your tire tube and the ones on the rim keep your spokes from poking the tube should your rubber protector bunch up under the torque .... have had this happen twice that is why i started doing this

here is the actual tape slime sells for this pourpase but gorrila tape works just as good !!
I took the tire off a rim Ii had bought at a yard sale this summer and found this clear hard as heck plastic inside the tire. I love yard sales "SOOO many decent bike parts tires, tubes, spokes , brake parts , seat posts / hardware, but your 100% correct Roger, Gorilla tape just as good if not better better than the slime tape , I also use the G-tape on my gas tank I fold it in half after cutting it the length of my gas tank and stick it to the bottom of the tank then stick it to the frame. I also like to put a layer if tire tube between the tape to help drastically cut down on vibration / tank movement.
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