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Default Re: Motorized bicycle setup for long distance riding

Originally Posted by Herdo View Post
BarelyAWake, thanks for all the info. I think I could probably work out the cutting myself although I would definitely need someone to do the welding.

I am on about page 7 of your T3 thread, and it looks like at this point in the build you are using the frame from an old ATV (I think), is that what you ended up sticking with? I guess I am asking if you ended up building the entire frame from scratch or if you pieced together different section to create the final frame.

Also, when building a tadpole like this, what do you use for the "front end"? It looks very complicated; did you build that section yourself or is that a pre-built piece you found somewhere? How about the back end that the wheel attaches to? It actually looks like it's from a standard bicycle. Thanks again, I'll be reading through your thread some more!

rogergendron1, that may be my best option. It seems as though there would need to be a lot less tweaking with a standard tricycle. I am surprised at how expensive they are to be honest though. I will be looking into standard trikes a bit more.
those spacific trikes are expencive but you could just get a cheaper one lol

i showed you those because those are mountain trikes with larger wheels and mountain bike gearing with good fron suspention, i think they even come with disk breaks and 21 speeds !!!! the tires are like the schwin chopper bike tires ... wide and have tread for snow mud exe.... yeh a little expencive but worth it

here is the video off the web for there trike...

here are close ups of the trike tires frame exe...

just a thought ... a trike of this design would be nice you would have all the gears and large tires for any terrain and pleany of room for any motor.... you could probably do a trike conversion on a full suspention mountain bike though or a hard tail multie speed cruiser and save some cash doing it yourself
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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