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Default Re: Motorized bicycle setup for long distance riding

Originally Posted by Herdo View Post
You couldn't be more wrong BarelyAwake, haha. This is exactly what I was looking for! I really just wanted to see what everyone's optimal long distance setup would be and you delivered!

I am so impressed with your build I am now questioning my own build and how many wheels it should have . I have to ask, how much would you say that bike cost you (I understand if you don't want to answer that)? Unfortunatley I have absolutely no fabrication skills so a three wheeled recumbent like this is probably out of the question.

That first ride video had excellent music and editing as well. How fast were you cruising in that video? It looked like you were flying, but the ride looked very smooth. Thanks for sharing.

Fmb42, you are very lucky! I have never been to Yellowstone and I have been dreaming of going for years. I have been to the Grand Canyon several times and I agree, it's absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks Herdo, I'm glad ya dig it

The recumbent thing can be difficult if you've limited fabrication ability, factory recumbents are often ill suited for motorization, mostly limited to rack mounts or electric hub drives & they're usually grossly overpriced in any case. If you do decide to look into building one sometime - check out Atomic Zombie's DIY plans, they're very straightforward & well written.

If you're interested in using something like the Lifan/Honda CRF50 but can't scratch build or alter a frame, there's a couple of stretch/chopper style bikes that'll take it without too much of a problem & look pretty comfy too, here's one by Crazy Horse as an example:

...knowing ofc any motorized bicycle project requires at least some amount of fabrication, there's usually still some options that don't need welding or so little of it you can shop it out.

As for how much the T3 cost me - that's a tricky question for two reasons, the first being I didn't keep close track & took my time and the second being it's a true parallel hybrid, which nearly doubles the cost of the build as it's got dual just-about-everything lol, but roughly $3000ish give or take. By building one I have ofc figured out how to save quite a lot of time & money were I to do it again, happily this one turned out so well I don't think I'll hafta though *shrug* I did also give into temptation & got some goodies, like the full multi-display Trail Tech Vapor dash, that kinda stuff adds up quick... but it's so shiny

As for speed, I built it as a reliable distance hauler so it's not set up to break any land speed records - w/the torque it's got it'll haul hundreds of pounds up any hill you can find but the normal cruise gearing (like in the vid) is around 30mph, although I will say 30+ feet first w/yer butt a foot off the ground does indeed feel like "flying" heh

To help with the two/three wheels question - I only went trike as I wanted a lay back recumbent (the two wheeled ones freak me out), while it's really comfy it's also sometimes awkward while playing in traffic as it's a bit wide, low & hard to see. If ya can't manage a trike this time around I wouldn't sweat it, there's always another build and they've all their own advantages/disadvantages.
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