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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

No fun! The crankshaft actually split! Between the counterweight and the flywheel/magneto rotor! I boxed up the dead engine hoping to find a replacement crank and gaskets to rebuild it, if the rest of it isn't too worn out. Surprised it didn't last longer, but it has been driven hard, and I got it as surplus, so I can't worry too much.

I found a post on here about someone clearing out a stock of "Viper" china clone 12v start 2 strokes for 100/pair shipped. I got a couple for spares.

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I pedaled mine home. ugh. The clutch blew up somehow. I was riding at 25mph and it started making a metallic racket. I thought it was a bearing or con rod, but the clutch was locked up. I'll have to pull the motor and figure out what happened. I hope the engine is ok!
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