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Default Re: almost closed petcock gives me more power

I put up almost this same thread nearly five years ago now- more air did seem to help when I put a few more holes in the back of the air cleaner-

the solution for me was a straight billet intake

stopped all the bogging-

but I think it actually worked better with the older NT carb- when I went to an NT Speed carb- the standard kit carb now, and with the billet intake- I have to choke the motor more during cold start and it doesn't want to go back to idle very well once it's revved.

I'm thinking about putting the old nT carb back on, because with the billet, that's when my 66 was running best really.
I ususally just ride the 50 now anyway. It's a much lighter bike, and with a 39 sprock and narrow 700c tires, it moves as fast as I want to go- low to mid 20s mostly.

Your revving and noise and vibration may just be because you need a smaller sprock on the back- you'll hget better speed with more normal revs with a 36 sprocket
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