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Default Opinion Poll- Is this tank too big?

What we have here is a Kawasaki KD80 fuel tank. $22 shipped on ebay; deal seemed too good to pass up. Although it's condition appears a little rough, the tank inside isn't too rusty and it came with the cap and petcock (which I've already broke....long story), and generally it seems it should clean up fairly well.

Anyway, my bike build is using a Dyno frame which has a really exagerated bend in the top tube. First I bought a Whizzer repop 4 liter tank; looks great (my opinion) but has two problems on this frame; the petcock interferes with the frame tubing and the curved top tube means the tank won't sit flat on the frame.

Soooo, I started scouring ebay looking for a moped tank or small motorcycle tank. Came across this one and threw the dice. I've already asked the question on my build thread ("Cheap B@stard) but I figured a new post will probably get more views and responses.

The General 5 Star tank appears to be well recieved by motorbiking afficianados, and to my eye it's also a big tank on a bike frame? I think the General is longer but not as tall as the KD80 tank.

So please chime in with your opinion; does this tank appear too large to use? It's not overly wide if that makes a difference.

A pic of the Whizzer repop tank for reference:

A pic of the General 5 Star tank on a Derringer bike:

The original Kawasaki KD80 for reference:

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