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Default Re: Motorized bicycle setup for long distance riding

bike... full suspention high end aluminum frame 29 in mountain bike... ie cannon dale or something

engine... honda gx 160 degoverned, but mostly stock aside from better valve springa and aluminum flyweel. mounted on a heavy duty rear rack ( a solid 1/4in thick alluminum plate and aluminum angle iron welded to frame)

trany... verry high quality racing cintrifugal clutch with high stall engagement 3,000 rpm + and fully adjustable, strait to a jackshaft that transfers power to a rear 8 speed rear hub

thumb throttle for comfort and a big beach cruiser type gell or memory foam seat with a suspention seat post.

trailor.... make your own to carry what you need... mine would be all aluminum tubing with 20in rear wheal from a schwinn sting ray, and maple wood deck and sides to give it the old pick up truck look ...

with a gx 160 four stroke geared for torque you could ride all day with exorberant amounts of power at your desposal and still go plenty fast enough to smoke a china girl in a race even pulling the trailor !!!
the heavy duty rear mount woul allow for full suspention and the use of ay size motor you want lol you could slap a 212 predy on it if you wanted. the jackshaft would go to a free free wheel and to a 8 speed casett or 7 speed hub givving you gut wrenching torque in 1st and ludacris speed in 7th !!! 29 in wheels for a smooth ride .

that would be my dream ride !!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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