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Default I come in Peace

Hi y'all....

I'm gonna try this again.... Last night in Chat, I came clean, with my "real name".

When I first joined, as miller, my intent was NOT to deceive....I wanted to stay updated to all the new advances & updates in the motor bike world. (i have borrowed some really cool ideas from you folks...thanks)

I was also unsure how well I would be received here, so I'd just drop in once in a while and "read, read, read". (sorry for the cliche' )

Note: The blue font, in my signature line, represents MY feelings, toward ALL motor bike forums.

For those of you who don't know me.... I have been building motor bikes since before I knew about forums. My current favorite ride is a BikeE recumbent, powered by a 23cc Mitsu, Staton friction drive.
8.9.08 013.jpg Check out the sunflowers....this must be Kansas!!

Lately I've been trying my hand at frame
building & modifying. Here's some of my current projects:

100_2503x.jpg 24/20 LWB recumbent (WIP)

100_2495a.jpgMy version of the "Sicko-Truck" (WIP also)

100_2462.JPG A 20 incher, for my buddy's kid. (looking at springtime 'update')

Thanks for looking & Happy Holidays!

Live & Let Live
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