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Default Re: Say Goodbye To Freedom!

Once again I see the equipment being blamed instead of the operator.
Didn't we just go through this here in America?
Something about evil black "assault" equipment...
Why can't the folks in power owe up to the reality that any sort of equipment only does what the operator directs it to do?
The bicycle didn't force this kid to ride at night without any sort of lighting or safety equipment.
Did his parents teach him to ride safe? Did they provide him with the necessary safety equipment? Did they teach him the rules of the road?
Or did they just let him at it without any thought to proper guidance or responsibility/ ownership of your own actions?
Did the boy ride the bike at night without his parent's permission or knowledge?
Too many un-answered questions in this agenda slanted "news" clip.
I feel sorry for the poor boy. A very hard lesson hopefully learned.
And the folks in the vehicles involved, I feel sorry for them too. They did not cause the accident either. They are just as innocent as the motorized bicycle.
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