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Default Re: new here, old projects

Originally Posted by canthelpitimaguy View Post
Does anyone else have trouble posting pictures to the forum from a moble device?
I did a search and it came up with these, Cantel.

For that, I email pics to my self and upload to photobucket. I am sure that is a ridiculously hard way to do it but works.

I have yet to try this but looks promising;

Also, from our host, Paul;

Originally Posted by paul View Post
we installed forum runner on the site for those of you that have smart phones and tablests. it seemed to be the fastest and best one i could find. they have a free version which is read only or you can get the $1.99 version which is what i got. with the paid version you can post pictures and do everything else. seems to work well so far. let us know what you think. we do not make anything on the ap and it was added because we have had so many requests

Forum Runner iPhone Client
search "Forum Runner" in the App Store on your iPhone,

Forum Runner Android Client
search "Forum Runner" in the Google Market on your Android device:
Hope some thing there helps ya.
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