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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
Nice lookin intake CE. Does it open up to match the intake port on the cylinder?

I sure do wish I had the means to do some metal work in my garage.
Thanks Jason,

Yes the intake is matched to the port...It makes a gradual transition from rectangular to round.

I'll let everybody in on a little known secret. Your local tech school.

If you want to be able to do machine work, look at your local tech schools. Many of them have machine shop programs...Many of the machine shop schools are just barely hanging on as most kids these days just aren't interested.

Here's how it works...You pay a small tuition fee and in return you get to go in and make motorized bicycle don't have to buy metal, you don't have to buy machines, you don't have to pay for electricity.

If you have little or no experience, expect to spend the first month becoming acclimated to the machines. The instructor will decide your skill level, don't argue with him if he thinks you need to start by learning how to use a file...believe it or not, most people don't. You don't want to loose a finger or ruin tools & equipment. The basic learning period will pass quickly.

These classes are geared towards hands-on, as soon as possible, and your first shop projects will include tools that you make and get to take home with you. Once you become fairly proficient the instructor will let you make anything you want.

Unfortunately not all of these schools offer evening or weekend programs. Most of them have evening CNC courses for guys who are already working as machinists and want to move into CNC...these classes lean towards the proper use of computers for programming. The machines are typically miniatures of mills & lathes that are good for nothing other than to prove out a program. For you retired guys, you're really missing an opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Last year I figured I would hire a kid and train him...I went to our local tech school, it's less than 1 mile from the shop. I walk in and everyone there is 40 and over. I had a brief talk with the instructor, he said he hadn't had a group of kids come through in years! Most were retired tool makers that were there to socialize and work on hobby stuff.

So go check it out in your might be surprised to find out you can get into machining and making your own stuff a lot easier than you thought! And, YES, it is fun!


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