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Default Re: Thinking of motorizing straight on through winter

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Riding in the winter isn't that big a deal w/a bit of caution - but there's a price to pay, the consequences of rock salt and calcium chloride like this year old cassette;
It's strange. I've seen photos like that. I have years of winter riding experience. But my cassettes/freewheels and so on don't end up looking like that. And it's not like I'm a fanatic about cleaning my bike, either. I'd like my bike to look it's best at all times. But really keeping it looking sharp takes more time than I can spare.

Maybe they just don't use as much salt around here.

I'm located on the outside edge of a medium sized city. Some of my commute is under suburban conditions. Part of it is on a commercial street that is bordering on urban conditions.

Perhaps it's worse in dense cities and heavier winter climates. But it's not like our winter is all that soft. I'm about halfway between Chicago and St Louis. And our climate is just about halfway between those two as well.
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