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Default My second Hello...

My name is Madmannart. No, it has nothing to do with the name Arthur, Artie, is is about art. The kind you do with your hands. Most folk's art use bits of ribbon, yarn, or some such type material, or paint brushes and canvas, ect...

In my art, I use tools. Automotive, Welding, Machine tools (like Mills & Lathes)Air compressors, paint booths, grinders, fiberglass, ect...
I am a Gearhead. That s what I have always been. I'm 53 and retired. I have worked on everything from lawn mowers to Nuclear Power Plants. If it breaks, I fix it, no matter what.
I was an Industrial Mechanic for 30 years.
I have built one Motorbike, the 66/80cc GT2-A Bike in my profile picture.
I am currently building a 4-stroke Huffy Deluxe Cruiser.
The bicycle has a Monark2 front end, and is ready to motorize now, with a shaved rear fender, sprocket mounted on rear wheel....
It has suffered a set back or two due to issues with suppliers, but that it gladly now over, and I have a quality kit on it's way now. Hushang49cc engine w/G4 100/12 freewheel Trans.. going to run that to my manic mechanic 40 tooth sprocket... it should fly....
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