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Default Re: hand rash

Norm. I developed a severe sensitivity to the POWDER in latex and nitrile gloves from wearing them so much at work, first as an art teacher in a Day Facility for adults with developmental delays then from working as a florist. TO the point where 3 years later I no longer wear gloves at all I still have skin issues on some of my fingers. What I get is a hard rough surface that cracks bleeds and is raw. Hurts like he!! too. I wear thin leather gardening gloves with UNPOWDERED Latex free gloves over the top of them. I also slather on lotion before putting on those gloves.

What I've got is a chronic condition that will never go away and a mild allergy to the powdered gloves, which I've been told is a precursor to a latex allergy.

I hope that you find something that addresses your problem or atleast makes it feel better.
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