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Default Re: winter is coming !! you know what that means ????

Yep, "throw-aways" can sometimes end-up being valuable and/or useful finds. Years ago I was helping a friend haul some of his "junk" to the dump and we came across a 5hp horizontal shaft Briggs powered push type (parking) lot vacuum he had laying around. He said "this goes (to the dump) too" and I told him that I'd take it for myself. He said that it didn't run and that he had no use for it even if it did (besides, the "cloth" dust/dirt catcher was rotted away). The engine wasn't "frozen" or anything so I hauled it home.

Well IIRC, I cleaned it up, pulled the plug and poured a bit of oil in the cylinder, drained the carb, and drained, cleaned, and re-filled the fuel tank (there was some very old looking fuel in it). But it wouldn't start... (even tho it seemed to have a good spark), so I pulled the carb and found water in the fuel pump diaphragm assembly. Re-assembled the carb, installed an in-line fuel filter, and it started and ran fine after than.

I ordered a cheap replacement cloth dirt catcher bag for it and used it for cleaning the parking lot at my auto electrical shop for several years. Finally sold it the guy that I leased the shop from (can't remember what I got for it, but it probably wasn't much). Sad thing is that I should have kept that Briggs...
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