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Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I was wondering if the aluminum is radio active or part of the steel might be on these china engines.Norman
Norman, sorry to hear of your problem. I have wondered if these China engines may have some radioactive material in them also.. I haven't had any symptoms though... I know that there is an ointment available that is used in burn therapy~~ it contains a silver colloid additive... very effective for preventing infection and for healing, not sure if it will help you but it's worth trying. You can google silver colloid and you'll get lots of info.. I make a liqiud solution using 3 9V batteries in series connected to 2 .999 fine silver rods immersed in distilled water 8oz for 45 minutes........ the electrolytic action makes a silver colloid solution.. The health food stores sell this stuff but it's kinda pricy..... check in a local pharmacy for ointment with sliver colloid. Best wishes.... keep us posted...
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