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I was wondering if the aluminum is radio active or part of the steel might be on these china engines.I can't check it cause the safety people want all NORM meters returned to the main ofice Natural occuring radio reactive material testers we get radio reactive materical in the oil,gas and water produced in the oilfield and have to test the junk and operating equipment for excessive radation. Most of the old guys that I worked with have died from leukemia or cancer go figure.
I work in crude gasoline and condensate and oil. For the last 15 years it has been gas or gas products and refined oil form working on compressor and engines some chemicals from the gas drying system. I have not touched glycol in 2 years but have breathed the fumes. Our glycol system has been shut down for about a year.(gas drying system)
I do use carb cleaner and brake clean along with solvents and I do use rubber gloves bunna and nitrile no laytex. I've been extra careful not to get any chemical on me. I'm still getting the reaction on my hands. My doctor said I should be placed where I will not be in contact with any of the vapors or liquids that to me spells termination I don't want that.
All work at home on the toys have stopped along with even touching them.
I'm taking allergy pills prescription allegra.
I've tried the jock itch cream and neospoin doesn't help.
I tried corona a animal healing cream over 50% lanolin I'm allergic to lanolin and anything to do with sheep or mutton/wool so no jokes please.I've heard them all being from Wyoming.

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