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Default Re: Have you ever ridden your MB in the snow just for fun?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Well, if I drained my pipes, it would be called a vacation house! ;^)

The pipes are insulated, just not enough apperently....I have not had a problem before, even when it was a lot colder. The problem was due to the 35-40 mph winds and the -0- degree temps.

It was nuts, but if I waited until morning, they may well have burst, which is even more fun to fix.
Feeling your pain Joe. You are right though that it is better to get them before they burst. If you have an arc welder you could just zap them also. And the only pipes that I drain are my hose bibs. It doesn't get as cold as that here, but I have lived plenty where it does and colder.

My $9 Hardware Sales plastic snow shovel has been getting a work out here. Everyday it seems there are 5 or 6 more inches. It is out on loan to the neighbors right now helping to clear their parking lot, they have been at it since 9 this a.m. and still aren't done. The only snowplow in town about tore off our mailbox last night sometime so I have to go fix that now.

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