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where to start---

welding class last night

stick welded -- what i call an alligator -78 inches of 2 inch teeth razor sharp 5 rows to keep the drunkies from sitting on my front window ledge eating their pitas and beer and leaving their sh;t all around

flipped a dutchie dames bike for style and welded with stick a seat post in and a pedal gear system to the inverted seat post

bike tubing sure is thin and no easy task to fill once you burn a hole

welded a bent handlebar post --cut and welded together straight for practice

Humfred the teacher --great guy rides his racing bicycle 25 kilometers to and from class and competes in in-line skating events
51 years old a real manīs man ---told me he would knock out the drunkies and not bother with the alligator

sure is satisfying to build something practical with a welding machine -- the power of red hot metal --kinda like vulcan

going to Vorsellar where dirk lives to get the zundapp running this sunday
the weather has turned rainy and a bit cold ---not exactly what we have in los angeles --the weather here does not allow you the freedom to do most anything you want when you want like in la !!!!!

dirk is going to portugal next thursday --
22 hour drive to pick up and scavenge junk yards for great old moped engines and other parts???? told me during his last trip in july to Faros the european Sturgis event in portugal google it you tube it--he discovered a scapyard with a 25 foot high pile of mopeds and other things????

winter is slowly setting in
a hydraulic tubing bender is far away 6 kilometers -no transportation and shop wants 60 euros /hour so like in la will use what bent pieces i can scavenge from the only scrap yard here in antwerpen and dumpster diving for my builds here unless i can find elements that may make a satisfactory tubing bender such pieces???not as readily available as in los angeles???

the adventure continues

ride safe
and if going to grange please take lots of pictures of the pits and ambiance as well as the race action!!!! and post em

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