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Default Re: Does anyone recognize this bicycle?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Great story, Dan.

I really think that is a part of our love and enthrallment of motorized bicycles. Some sort of recapturing thing.

but really enjoyed reading that. Brought to mind my brother teaching me how to ride a bicycle. He took the training wheels off my bike and ran behind as I pedaled my lil' butt off. He ran behind, holding on to the bar on the back of the banana seat. He yelled; "I let go"

I yelled back "what?" and turned back to look and then drove in to a light pole. LOL

Funny, I was so angry at him then but his letting go was nothing but love and confidence in me.
I'm the younger brother and I remember trying to teach my brother how to ride a dirt bike when he was 17 and I was 15. For some reason my brother can't ride anything with two wheels and a motor. I've seen him hit a house, parked car, tree and a log laying on the ground. I'm pretty sure if I put him on a couple acres of flat clear land with just one pole somewhere on it he would hit it.

Trey, fantastic job and its always great to see someone happy with ones hard work!

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