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Thanks man. I'm using that lotion and have been for over 2 weeks found it at Walmart by working my way through the lotions. But this one is in the Diabetic area and not with the other lotions the Pharmacy lady told me about it and gave me a sample I liked it so I'm now using it along with the prescription steroid liquid.
My hands still feel dry and the sores are all but healed up and I go back to work and on call tomorrow for a 10 day stretch.
I get to work Christmas Oh boy I'm so excited and lucky, me and one other guy get to take care of the field for 4 days with out help and get to work for 24hrs or more at a time with out time off to eat sleep etc. but who needs that. Why I like to be hungry and sleep deprived makes me feel safe driving the work truck that is why there is a cruise control, it will take you where ever you want to go all you have to do is steer it and the truck does the rest. Why I saw Santa one night just before sun up after going to work at 8:00pm the night before, and working all night he wasn't in a good mood though, I kept having to dodge the fence posts that someone had put in the road, I think that is why Santa was so pissed.
Only 3 more years and I'll get out of jail if I'm lucky.
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