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Default Re: winter is coming !! you know what that means ????

the coolest score i ever got in my life was a 80cc demo saw from the garbage ! this was about 15 years ago lol and i was a teen. so i stripped it down to find the only thing wrong with it was the blade was siesed for some reason but the motor was fine ! i think when it siesed up the guy thought the motor siesed and tossed it . but the motor was perfect onlythe blade and drive for the blade was locked up !!! so i endded up stripping the motor down to just a pull start and the clutch and putting a little sprocket on the clutch and ran it chain drive rear mount on a 20 in bmx !!!! holly crap even with all the mods to my china girl i still think that bmx i had would have smoked me today !!! i swear it reved to about 15,000 rpm and went about 45mph !!! it had no botom end though you had to get going and then gass it lol but once it was going forgetabout it !!!
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