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Default Re: winter is coming !! you know what that means ????

i am the ultimate dumpster diver lol my father owned his own custom harley machine shop in NH for 30 years and we would drive around on trash day and pull anything with a motor in it out the trash and fix it up lol also anything like vacumes and tvs and stuff with lots of nuts and bolts and springs... we did this not because we are poor but because he needed the screws nuts and bolts for his shop !!! and i swear to you i dont think the man ever bought a nut bolt or spring in his life !!!!! HE HAD DRAWS OF THEM ALL ORGANIZED FROM STUFF HE PULLED FROM THE TRASH !!! after removing all the good nuts bolts and springs the crappy stuff went right back in the trash. this is a great way to get your little shop you may have up in stock.

take anything with a lot of nuts and bolts in it out the trash and remove the good nuts and bolts exe.. then through the rest away

take anything with a motor in it out of the trash ... if its easily repairable fix it and sell it or use it or keep it for parts . if its unfixable like a busted crank or snapped conecting rod then just take it appart and save the good stuff piston rings carb fuel lines tank bearings exe .. you would not believe how fast you can build up your stock and invintory !!!

i must have 6 carbs 7-8 intake manifolds and all kinds of other stuff !!!! also take bikes out the trash to and strip them of there good parts !!! i swear to god i have enough honda gx 160 and gx 200 parts to assemble 3 working motors !!!!

i got 4 bikes all from the trash !!! i now own 3 perfect running human powered bikes 1, a gt timberline, 2 a diamondback mountain bike i gave to my girl, 3 a havock f5 full suspention mountain bike. and pleanty of spare parts for them lol.

i only bought 2 bikes my baby 1 the schwin rival, 2 my motor bike cruiser from sports athaurity.

so as of now i have 5 bike 3 of them were for free and they are not cheap frames ether !!!
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