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Default Re: winter is coming !! you know what that means ????

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
They don't throw stuff like that away here in Memphis...(too many scrappers!) but I still find great stuff all the time!
Been dumpster diving since I was a kid and have made some GREAT scores over the years!
I strongly urge every gearhead/cheapskate to watch the garbage!
The best things in life are free!
thats true and here in New England the rich folk who dont know how to fix it or had a shady mechanic tell em it was as much to fix as buying a new one... those people toss em in the garbage or sell em dirt cheap !!! 99 % of the time the carb is gunked up from sitting for a year and the shear pin boke !!! lol thats it man boom running motor for your bike almost all snow blowers are heavy dutie 5 horse power or more with 5:1 gear reducers !!!! imagine picking up 3 of those for free !!!!!! that was my score last year !!! cant wait till they start hitting the curbs up here ! i now take lots of side streets on my way home looking for roto tillers snow blowers snow throwers and weed wackers. up in new england now is the time people start throwing that junk away, the next time you will see it is at the end of the winter and then you will see a lot of weed eater motors too. a good weed eater has at least a 40 cc 2 banger and is good for a rear mount friction or chain drive ! dax sells a chain drive kit that hooks right up to the standard 2 stroke weed eater with 4 hole bolt pattern. i want one for my girls full suspension motorized bicycle. hey a free 49cc poulan is cheaper than buying a pocket bike motor lol !
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