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I have been reading for weeks and cannot believe how much information and support is on this forum. I've had my fair share of hobbies over the years and have visited many many forums but have never come across such an up beat positive forum.

Pulled my fathers 75 cb750four out of the barn 6 months ago and started rebuilding it. It has been sitting for over 15 years. Got her going and suddenly had flashbacks to dumping it and getting some pretty good rash. Decided I should start small and work my back up!

Well this is where the motorized bicycle comes in. Made a silly silly uneducated craigslist purchase on impulse and boy am I ashamed. Knowing a thing or two about motorcycles and cars I felt comfortable in my purchase. Unfortunately I didn't know a darn thing about bicycles.

I have since then stripped the entire motorized bicycle and thrown away 75% of the death trap and have started fresh. I will say I rode said deathtrap just long enough to get the itch!

Quick question. Having difficulties with chain length on drive side (engine). It is too short. The only thing I can think of us the adapter I had to use for my large tube frame has my engine at a pitch that is not allowing for the desired slack?

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