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Default winter is coming !! you know what that means ????

her in new england winter is almost here that means feet of snow for us...

also people who do not know how to fix motors will be throughing out there old snow blowers that dont work or they cant repair !!!! guys i see it all the time snow blowers with 5.5 horse to 8 horse motors with horizontal shafts and gear reductors right in the garbage !!!!!!!!!!! last year i pulled 2 brigs motors out of snow blowers i found in the trash all they needed was an oil change and a carb rebuild kit and i sold them on e bay for 100's $ !!!!!!!! working perfectly !!! i also got 1 honda gx 200 !!!! thats 3 pefcet working motors all over 5 horse power and 2 gear reduction boxes for free !!!!!!!

i cant wait !!! the first snow blower i see in the garbage is going to have the motor pulled and rebuilt for a motorized bicycle build and i will keep pulling motors off every piece of power equip i find in the garbage !!! right now its winter though and snow blowers will be out on the curb so keep an eye out for a free brigs animal or honda gx !!! all you need to do is pull the motor and do a simple rebuild and carb clean and they all work LOL !

i want to get an old flat head tecumsah 8 hp motor if i can that would be my dream find !!!

i am telling ya guys !!!! last year i got 3 working motors out the garbage !!! so keep your eye out for those snw blowers that get tossed !!!
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