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Default hand rash

I have a rash on my hands that I've had now for 1 year and 4 months and I can't get it to heal up. I've been to 4 doctors and skin specialists and still no cure. If anyone has had any kind of rash from working one one of these engines I would like to know. My doctors all think it is related to what I'm doing at work and not on these engines at home so if you've had or are getting a rash let me know.
The rash starts out as small hard spots on the palms and fingers then the skin falls off leaving the underlying meat exposed and hurts so bad your toes will curl up when you put on a lotion trying to sooth the soreness. Any perfume in the lotion will make you kie-yie like a dog that has been beat with a big stick.
I have not touched my bikes for over 2 weeks to see if my hands will heal up and so far they haven't. I'm also wearing rubber gloves whenever I touch a thing and wearing cotton gloves all the time even under the rubber ones.I'm embarassed as I look like Michael Jackson but with both gloves on all the time, even in the summer, I try to stay out of sight or not show my hands as people freak out when they see how nasty they look.
I have a cabinet full of hand creams that will not work and burn the jell out of me if I use them, as the alcohols and perfumes really burn my hands I've had all kinds of steroid creams and shots as well, that sort of help.
I'm not making headlights either and looking to sell the molds as I will not be doing this anymore and will sell off all my bikes unless I can get my hands to heal up. Make me an offer if you want to, but do let me know if you have had the leprosy I've been experiencing.

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