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Default Re: Rugged off road mini bike build thread.

Ok progress update. I haven't really done anything more for the bike except built a steel stand for the frame to hold it while I build it and weld it. I have also decided to use a different method of engaging sprockets on the jack shaft. I'm going to have a sprocket hub machined to accept a sprocket on both sides. Honestly Ill prob have two hubs machined down so they aren't as wide, but welded together wider than a single hub. Then take two sprockets and weld them on the hub. As thick of steel as that is Ill take it to work to weld that. Ill grind the teeth off so that they are just discs. Drill several holes in the discs for rods, and matching holes in the idlers so that my home made gear engage can engage them.

As of right now I plan on drilling and tapping the hub and shaft and using a big bolt and a ratchet on the trails to shift. I figure I will use first gear rarely and kinda think it would be cool to use a wrench to shift. Plus that system ought to never break. Though I am open to Ideas on how to shift using a lever that maybe has a skateboard bearing on the end that contacts the discs. Just don't know I would keep the gear locked in with a lever.

Last weekend I spent 24 hours in my garage between two days setting up my first shop (gotta put a pic of this in the baby book). I had to boot my rust free 90 miata outside for this but it's worth it. I'll get a cover for her and perhaps warehouse it for the winter. Unfortunately I still stay with my mother so yeah, I only can have one stall. And I got two cars, two work benches, standard tool chest, drill press, band saw, and a mountain of parts for the miata. Bought a parts car years ago, stripped it and scrapped the chassis. Anyways now I have a decent work shop. Bought the steel a few days ago to build a big welding table. The top will be 3'x6'. Got two sheets (3/32" i think) and am doubling them up. I have 60 feet of 11 gauge 1.5x1.5 that I will use for the framing and I am trying to find some side crank rv jacks for cheap to install on each leg of the table so I can not only adjust level but have a foot or so of play in table height. You know where I can pick those up for cheap Rick?

I will build the table for the shop this weekend and hopefully have time left to work on the bike as well. I plan on buying the torque converter pulleys and jack shafts this weekend if I can find them.

this is the small stand you see in the pic of the garage that the mock frame is sitting on
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