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Default Re: Joining the madness..

Originally Posted by iam1080 View Post
Hey.. I'm also a huge fan of the Dutch Basman. Have you had any more luck making this a reality?
Not yet, I'm afraid.. I've been hearing a lot of conflicting stories about getting the vehicle registered. I have sent a bunch of emails to the local equivalent of the DMV, and oddly enough, I received three different answers.. one definite "no", one "not worth the trouble" and one "very, very maybe".. Now that's not very encouraging at all!

Are there any UK members here who have successfully MSVA's and registered a cyclemotor as a moped in the UK? or maybe some German members who managed to get through TUV testing with their homebuilt vehicle? It's weird, but it actually seems easier to register it in another EU country first, then 'import' it back home.. What a pain!

In the meanwhile though, I've been keeping busy working on two 1960s vintage mopeds my younger brother owns..
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