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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

The other day I was heading home from work so I pedaled down the hillo let the clutch and bang the next thing I see is my idle bushing passing me doing about 20 mph , I guess the bearing seized up because the race was left on the clamp and bears were stern about the road so after pondering on what to do and almost accepting defeat I was about to field cut my chain to limp her home when all of a sudden in my bag of possibles I see a socket and that shiny chunk of metal was like an island in the middle of an ocean The god like "AHHHHH" sound went off in my head and I used that 3/8" drive 3/4" socket to limp me home the chain slid nicely over the socket I had a couple over i sided washers I put on either side and used a bolt it didn't spin but at that point I didn't care Work enough to get me home
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