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Smile Re: Does anyone recognize this bicycle?

No hate intended whatsoever, like I said ,he did GREAT job restoring it to as good as new. That was just the start of mass produced cheap bikes getting cheaper and cheaper to the crap they are now. They haven't gotten any better, just cheaper but functional. Do they make Schwinns the way they used too? Nope.

Walmart displays a fine example of the low quality I'm talking of here. It's fine for weekend fair weather riders that use them 5 to 20 times a year, but if your gonna ride seriously everyday for years on end, these bikes won't hold up. That's all. I meant no disrespect.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Come on man.... don't be hating on the guys bike!

"That is a true cheap and cheesy Murray or Huffy that just reeks of low quality of it's time."

That bike is a good bike, and those bikes have very good frames that I would put up against the $300-$400 china bikes today, I will admit the rear dropouts just being spot welded would be served well being welded proper before motorizing one those older bikes, but other wise they are a good stout framed bike in my experience.

I know you aren't being negative here scotto but it kinda sounded that way with the cheap cheesy comment.....LOL!

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