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Default Re: How durable are these engines?? 66cc

You dont need to worry about the chrome in the cylinder its just fine 99.999% of the time and is very durable.

As for as the claim on the upgraded *** bearings and such on the Jake's engine, that is probably true and that does make for a better engine but if you have the tools and the skill needed you can buy a good kit off ebay from rose326a for $139 shipped to your door and then upgrade the upper wrist pin bearing which is the most common to fail for just a few bucks and probably have just as good of an engine for way less money, personally that is the route I would go if those were my options because unless the Jakes engine has had the jug removed and some minor porting work done and the upper bearing replaced with a better one it wont run a bit better than the ebay engine which will benefit from the porting mod and upper bearing upgrade as well, only 2 smoker kit I would pay $200 for would be the kit that dax sells with the high grade bearings and the balanced crank, I have already bought two of the lowers and the one I have running now has 120 miles on it and I'm topping out in the 48mph range on that bike with good porting and a Puch hi hi 70cc head, still running the NT carb which is a bit small but this engine screams at a good bit over 8000 RPM's

Its your choice of course, but just giving my personal opinion on the two.

Best wishes on whatever you decide.


Originally Posted by kyle5647 View Post
thanks again for all the replies!!

what if i put on a 5.4cc high compression head, you mentioned that the cylinder walls where thin so would that blow a hole in it? lol

also for the silver eagle engine (pk-80) is it really better than those ebay kits out of the box?? cause the description says its a more true crank, and high performance japanese bearings. anyone tried this engine?? or is it just a market scam?

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