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Wink Re: Arrow 9.5HP 66cc Grubee

Originally Posted by Allright View Post
A bunch of us are upgrading from the 4.5 to the 9.5HP Arrow engines. We like the power and performance of the 4.5 with a 36 tooth direct drive. With a motor with twice the HP how can I add multiple gears or automatic derailleurs to the "transmission" of power from the engine to the rear wheels. What is working for people.
I am trying to get away from the constant high rpm of running at 40+ mph for long times but want to be able to get there quick as all my one gear friends. Just want to be able to pull away at that point if I want to.
Nice introduction Allright? Welcome to the forum! Keep an eye on Nashmoto's Arrow powered bike as a possible solution for you. Hope you have good fabrication skills though

Have fun and good luck with your builds!

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