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Talking Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by kdaddy1980 View Post
only 40!!?? thats enough to blow your wig back .....if its not pasted on right LOL thats probably about top speed in a car on the 405 freeway.
I have no doubt that 40mph is faster than the average speed on the 405 at almost any given hour of the day. That's the irony in all this. I can't legally ride on the 405. There are times of the day, on a few major streets where "Wide Open Throttle" 40 is just a bit too slow for comfort. I need to be able to cruise at 45 mph with a little power in reserve. Which is why I'm making the jump to a 97cc Lifan motor. I'm gonna reduce the overall gear ratio a bit as well to try to accomplish that feat.

This is what "40" looks like on Venice Blvd. in some traffic, on the weekend. LOL
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