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Originally Posted by buba View Post
good to see someone is out there

thanks mike et. all

things here in Belgiulm are pretty exciting the weather has been holding out and i have not beren freewing mu a;; off in the rainy damp blustery cold

Went to a swap meet- beurs- last sunday and bought for 200 bucks a 50cc race engined zundapp 1976 or 86??? do not know do not care the seller has raced many brands of bikes and has worked for over 30 years building engines etc in dealer bike shops currently Yamaha in a town called Eeklo

bike should enable me to get around dependably more than my china girl
the public transportation is great but hardly exists on the weekends

going to by friend Dirk´s this friday to get´er running
also bought a sh;;load of moped hubs wheels -a german industrial 100cc engine 13 dollars -10 euros and a bunch of great tall springed over 60 year old leather seats and more
I just got me a new engine as well. I need to pick up the pace on the street...... so I got this. I'm leaving the stock exhaust on this thing as well to be a little more subtle. Gonna drop down to at a 44T or lower rear sprocket as well. I needs SILENT speed. LOL

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