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good to see someone is out there

thanks mike et. al. I do have to chop everything up in Los Angeles as well as here in Antwerp just to make room for more great stuff!!!????
my wife is going to kill me??? leave me or report me????!!!

things here in Belgium are pretty exciting-- the weather has been holding out and i have not been freezing my a;; off in the rainy damp blustery cold

Went to a swap meet- beurs- last sunday and bought for 200 bucks a 50cc race engined zundapp 1976 or 86??? do not know do not care the seller has raced many brands of bikes and has worked for over 30 years building engines etc in dealer bike shops currently Yamaha in a town called Eeklo

do not need to license plate or insure or register 50 ccs or less do not tell --control -the polite -that is can go way over 40 kilometers per hour

bike should enable me to get around dependably more than my china girl
the public transportation is great but hardly exists on the weekends

going to by friend Dirk´s this friday to get´er running
also bought a sh;;load of moped hubs wheels big box of zundap cycliners pistons and heads they will look cosmic if they bolt on a china girl -
a german industrial 100cc engine 13 dollars -10 euros and a bunch of great tall springed over 60 year old leather seats and more!!!!!

Rickrides if you are out there I have made inquiry for the engines and trannies you are interested in
nothing at this beurs --- it was for brommers and 50cc bikes

I will try to get to some motoren--motorcycle -swap meets and I have contacts working on things for you--time will tell

my welding class is great ---going monday to thurday 6-10 pm and saturday 8:40-12:30 google Noord Technicum antwerp belgium

there is certainly method and technique involved but i realize that is true of EVERYTHING!!!!
learned a thing or two about brazing ---- this week mig and then tig

can not find the bmx bikes as i do in la so i have started to accumulate metal look out Richard Kraemer!! --problem is the two shops that have a bender for me are over 5 kilometers from my house and the van --taxis will not take my stuff
so how to get a sh;;load of material to their shops!! -- again --time will tell

oh yeah yesterday -my house is near the docks harbor where napoleon moored and built his fleet-- a big marine supply shop has relocated so i scavenged about 1000 euros of paint all types and fiberglass resin kits 2 parts-- over 30 of them

hope soon to put some of it to use????

this weekend there is a brommer beurs in fleemalle -southern belgium-french spreaking - but unless i can find someone to hitch a ride with it will be impossible to get there by public transportation over 3 hours one way on a weekday!!

this is where the zundapp comes in but how to get what i may find and buy at a beurs back to antwerpen!!!!????

well if anyone is reading ----ride safe ---race safe if going to grange take lots of pictures of the pits and participants Neil and anyone else reading PLEASE--

PLEASE andy --maybe some walk around the pits with your new go pro to post
i am sure many followers would be very interested to see the feel of such an event ---and sing ¨this is how we do it ¨

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