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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

What spacing is on your bike, now? 120? 126?

Yes, the spacer on the right is just a steel bushing, pinched between the right cone/nut and outer locknut. If you're shooting for 120mm spacing, just remove both spacers, and put the shorter spacer (and maybe a few washers before it, to clear the FW) on the right side. You may have to re-dish the wheel.

You can replace it with a nut of the same threading as the axle, or use tight-fitting washers. You could saw/grind the spacer, but it's easier just to use others.
For the 3 speed freewheel, you can remove that spacer and replace with some washers. You won't be able to use a Freewheel Remover on those. You have to use the "destruction method" of removal if you ever want it off. (simply, tap the lockring loose and remove all the guts, clamp FW body in vise, turn wheel).

The 3spd fw is the same width as many heavy duty BMX 1 spd freewheels.

Note: If you severely re-dish the wheel to compensate for moving the FW far right, you may have to un-lace and re-lace the wheel, by swapping the spokes from drive side to non drive side. Easy, really, and the wheel will look sharp.

Originally Posted by Danschutz View Post
Sorry for the late response it was super nice and informative answer.

On the multi sprocket wheels where the freewheel sprocket screws on there looks to be a long spacer that screws onto the axle. Can this be just cut to length after putting it all back together to fit the rear frame? Probably not, way to simple lol.

Thanks again (x1000) for the links, that's a great place to buy most any part I need as my local stores are, well snobs. My buddy took his trek in for a new fork and they charged him 25 bucks and even cut the stem. I went and got the same fork for an old non trek bike and it cost me 40 bucks and they wouldn't cut it for that price. Had I known what they charged my buddy I wouldn't have supported them. Bummer as I like to support locals.

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