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Default Re: list of free mods... or so cheap they could be free...

so for the cost of nothing but....
a new plug
6inches of auto hose
1ft of new plug wire or powercord

and with nothing but some hand tools sandpaper and a dremal

you can mod your stock motor to have significantly more power, quicker rev's, higher rev's, less vibration, and more speed !!!! you will be suprized how far you can take the china girl modding on nothing but stock parts !!!!!!!!

i have a 26in beach cruiser with a grubee gt5 66cc with a 44t sprocket and the following mods and i am able to climb ANY hill in front of me and reach speeds of 35 and cruise at 30 comfortably with very little vibration. i highly recomend anyone with a dremal to take it out and start grinding away lol
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